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136100V2 RGT RC4 V2 1:10 Scale Crawler

RM 699.00

This is a revise and update version of the previous RGT RC-4 with the following improvement:

- 390 size motor

- Shock suspension outboard 

- New design wide axle

- New servo mount

- New design solid steel linkage

- Brushless ready


- Detail scale looks and design

- Competitive retail price that most hobbyist can accept

- Ready to run out of the box

- Full Ball bearing

- detail oil filled bout board shock absobber

- Realistic and scale body with bumper light kit

- High performance 2 in 1 ESC/RX can handle up to 2 sets of light with 3rd channel remote light and also lipo compatible.

- up to 76mm high ground clearance for any terrain.

- Special formulated ultra soft rubber tire by RGT with memory foam mounted on detail realistic wheel for scale and performance.

- 1.9 inch wheel

- Short wheelbase design that fits current trend.

- Steel ladder frame chassis

- Speed at around 10mph

- Universal main drive shaft

- Front wheel CVD style drive shaft

- 4 link suspension system

- Solid Steel chrome linkage

- Full time 4WD with front and rear solid axle

- Realistic front and rear bumper with LED light ready.


Length : Approx 500mm                     

Width : Approx 215mm

Height : Approx 220mm                                             

Wheelbase : Approx 255mm

Ground clearance : Approx 76mm                 

Weight : Approx 1650grms

Wheel diameter : 54mm                                            

Tire diameter : 105mm

Radio System : 2.4ghz 3 channel                    

Esc : Waterproof 45A 2in1 esc

Servo : Waterproof 3KG                                              

Battery : 7.2v 1500mah nimh

Motor : Brushed RC390                                              

Gear ratio : 1:88