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3 In One

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Size:93.5 X 60 X 17 mm
Discharger power: 5W

Support battery type:

1.Li-Polymer/Li-Fe 2 ~ 6 Cell(Nominal voltage of 7.4V ~ 22.2V partial pressure connector)
2.Receiver Battery: 1.2V ~ 8.5V DC (Not limited battery type, but requires external 7.4V ~ 11.1V, use JST connector)
3.The balance voltage setting range (lower limit): 2.0V ~~ 3.9V (default 3.3V)
4.Discharge voltage setting range (lower limit): 3.0V to 4.2V (default 3.9V)
5.Discharge current (4.0V/Cell): about 450mAh
6.Support the battery port: conventional batteries linear port the Jst plug port Rx port



  • Used for the imbalance of Lithium battery.
  • Can monitor the battery voltage and discharge protection function, balance voltage.
  • It’s the best assistant of battery for RC car and RC boat.
  • Designed for polymer lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate battery, accurate measurement of the overall battery voltage and cell voltage, perform a balancing operation of multiple series-connected batteries, battery discharger, in order to avoid battery damage and long term storage.
  • Its battery balance function can allow battery charging/using before or after to perform balance function.
  • It also allows use with charger to perform partial pressure balance in the charging process.
  • Its large LCD screen can display up to 6 string lithium battery voltage.

Package Includes:

1 x 3 in 1 LCD Display