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GT Power IC Controlled Tire Warmer Strip Heater w/ LCD Display

RM 145.00

GT Power GTP-WC GT Power IC Temperature Controlled Tire Warmer Strip Heater w/ LCD Display

For 1/10 size Touring Car Pre-hear Rubber Tires

Quick warming (20-80degc, 100degC)
Celsius / Fahrenheit selectable display
Minimum temperature
8 different beep tones
Adjustable black light and contrast
Front & Rear interdentally temperature setting
Temperature controlled by micro processor
Car stand design
various alarm system like to disconnection, delay, low input voltage etc.

Brand: G.T.POWER
Input Voltage: DC 7.2-15V
Temperature range: 20-80degC, 100degC
Buttons: 4
Item dimension: 170 * 120 * 57mm / 6.7 * 4.7 * 2.2in (control stand only)

Package List:
1 * G.T.POWER Tire Warmer Controller
2 * Front Tire Warmers Strip
2 * Rear Tire Warmers Strip
1 * DC Input Cable
1 * Instruction Manual