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GT Power Micro Tachometer

RM 35.00


     * To measure rpm of a spinning propeller, 2-9 blades and memorize peak rpm values.
     * Peak RPM value up to 99999 RPM


     * Sharp backlit lcd screen, viewable under poor light conditions
     * 220 mah removable lithium button battery included
     * Compact and extremely portable
     * Automatically shutoff when signals are not detected within a minute.



Operation instructions:

-Press "POWER" button for 1 second to power on/off

-Press "SET" button to set the relevant propller blades

-Real time RPM value shown when you make the RPM sensor point to the blades within 10cm measurement distance.

-Maximum RPM value are displayed when measurement is finished.

-Backlit LCD are on/off when pressing "SET" BUTTON for 3 seconds uninterruptedly.