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SI-4501-HV Xpert 16.24kg-cm 0.097sec/60 @8.4v Digital Servo Brushless Motor

RM 295.00


This is an Xpert high voltage servos which featured brushless motor and comes in a aluminum outer case.

Xpert Servos are a range of high spec servos, ALL of which are brushless for reduced current draw, increased efficiency and reduced running temperatures. This SI range servo feature 4096 steps of resolution to provide extremely precise control over your steering. Mechanically the servo is constructed with best technology and materials. Packed with fully ballraced and metal geared high precision drive train for maximum durability. The outer case is also CNC machined for better cooling efficiency and durability.


  • For: 1/10 1/8 RC on road off road, 700 heli, 1/5 Throttle
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black & Orange
  • 7025 Aircraft grade alloy Gears
  • 4096 Resolution Steps
  • Brushless motor
  • Lightweight Servo


  • Speed: 0.097sec/ 60deg (at 8.4V)
  • Torque: 16.24kg/cm (at 8.4V)
  • Speed: 0.11sec/ 60deg (at 7.4V)
  • Torque: 14.31kg/cm (at 7.4V)
  • Voltage Range: 6V- 8.4V
  • Frequency Range 50-400Hz
  • Bearing: 2BB
  • Length: 40mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Height: 43mm
  • Weight: 62.5g