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Top Racing Phonton EX 1/10 Touring Car Kit

RM 500.00


new motor mount that sports a lowered design; 

New independent suspension holders redesigned dual post steering with vertically mounted steering servo;

Anti-roll bar holders with centring option; 

highly adjustable battery mounting system that allows to move the battery in X and Y positions for weight distribution changes.

  • LiPo Mounting System with Slots for Balancing Weights (Reduced weight)

  • Strain-Free Center Pulley Assembly (Does not affect chassis flex characteristics)
  • Two Positions in Spur Gear Adjustment (instant change / easy maintenance)

  • Shock Tower Integrated Stabilizer Holder

  • Suspension Mounts - Infinite Height and Toe Adjustment

  • Low Friction Light Weight Rear Gear Differential 
  • Low Friction Air Ventilated Light Weight Front Spool
  • 19 Adjustments in Pulley Tension and Heights 
  • Anti-Slip Universal Pin Design

  • Low CG Motor Mounting

  • Low CG Steering Mechanism


  • Car Type: 1:10 On-Road
  • Power Source: Electronic
  • Drive System: Front Drive 


  • T.O.P. Racing Photon EX 1/10 Touring Car Kit x1pc


  • Radio gear set
  • Body
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Servo
  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Charger