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RM 230.00


  • Model:   WFT06II
    Use in:  Airplane,Helicopter,Car,Boat
    Band:    2.400-2.483GHz
    Output Power:  ≤100mW
    Modulation:   2.4GHz DSSS(spread Spectrum)+Frequency Hopping
    Memory:  8-model memory
    Power:   3.7-6.0V ≤190mA


    ●  Great choice for entry level users

    ●  Dot-martix + segment combo display

    ●  Big LCD display brings easy menu operation

    ●  Powered with native 2.4G technology directly drived from MCU, greatly improved speed and sensitivity

    ●  Powered with DSSS + Hopping technology, High anti-interference performance. support up to 60 transmitters working together at the same time.

    ●  Low-supported design,lower battery consumption,a variety of battery available: 4s alkaline batteries,4s NIMH(Nickel Metal Hydride ),1s lithium-ion battery,Voltage 3.7V-6V.

     ●  Digital Trim, Numeric display with E-tone alarm

    ●  8 groups of model data storage.

    ●  4 kinds of right-hand control to set programs,custom.

    ●  5 Group curve design,each curve 5 point edit.

    ●  Variety of helicopters and airplane control functions supported.