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WFT07 7 Channel Radio Control System + 1pc 7ch receiver

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Product Information

  High speed,multilingual menu 2.4GHz 7 channel R/C system



Band:2.4GHz DSSS(spread Spectrum)+Frequency Hopping
Output Power:≤100mW
Current drain:≤190mA

● Large dot marrix LCD.Resolution of 132×64.
● 10class contrast adjustment.
● Chinese display,convenient way of designing to use and set up the meny more easier.
● AdaptNative 2.4Ghz technology.Direct high speed drive to avoid the middle of the process,greatly improve the agility hadnling.
● DSSS spread spectrum  technology based on the spread spectrum frequency hopping”communication system,high interference immunity,solid as a rock.60 sets of our 2.4Ghz system oroduct can work independently of each other .
● Low-voltage design,lower battery consumption,a variety of battery available: such as 4s alkaline batteries,4s NIMH(Nickel Metal Hydride ),1s lithium-ion battery,Voltage 3.7V-6V.
● Anew generation of joustick,elastic,adjustable head height,feel superior.
● A veriety of swash set ,the perfect support for CCPM mixing.
● Digital electronic tuning,graphical and numerical display,e-tone scale ,250 step adjustable ......
● Complete timer functions,including the timer starts,and ad variety of throttle control, timing,alarm methods,to ensure flyght foolproof.
● Multi-model data storage,be prepared for debugging control.
● Up to 4 flight modes,easy stunt.
● 4 kinds of right-hand control to set programs,custom.
● 11 Group curve design,each curve 9 point edit.
● Graphical 7 channel monitor ,always pay attention to every detail.
● Dozens of helicopters,airplane control for the flight easier.